You can get much bigger and better results from reels compared to hashtags or other strategies.  


That’s exactly why I have created my ‘100 Reel Ideas’! Not only will this give you some topics and inspiration, but it’ll also show you how to MONETISE your brand through your reels so you can make more sales!

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Everyone is using reels right now, but most people struggle to actually attract their ideal clients through their reels.

You can spend hours and hours creating content, but the trick is to learn how to MONETISE your Social Media. There are tactics and strategies behind it. Let me share with you these tactics and strategies!


Are you running out of reel ideas?

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I’m the Founder and CEO of The Confident Boss Academy™.

I’ve supported over 100+ Female Coaches and Service Entrepreneurs to grow and scale profitable businesses that they are fully passionate about!

Growing up in Berlin, Germany, my money mindset was shaped at a young age as my extremely hard-working mum and dad built themselves up from zero. They were so hard-working that growing up I associated success with burnout and suffering… and I also had to go through my dad passing on my tenth birthday.

I remember thinking, surely it doesn’t have to be like this?!

In my later years, I entered the corporate finance world in central London but I knew this wasn't my true passion. I was also massively underpaid, plus I was in an abusive relationship, due to my low self worth. And I was truly unhappy. It was at this stage, I decided it was time to start doing something I was passionate about and start living a life I LOVE.


I am now a Business Success Coach and I have managed to hit 7 figures by the age of 25! Plus, I’m helping my clients to hit 5, 6 and 7 figures too! Some of my clients make $100,000+ per month… I’ve helped women from all over the world, from completely different starting points, to design a business they love working in but also to enjoy mental freedom and financial rewards.

So how have reels played a part in all of this?

Reels have done WONDERS for my business. Now that I have the system cracked, my reels have taken off massively. My reach has gone CRAZY!!

In the last few weeks, the majority of my clients who signed up for ‘The Confident Boss Academy’ came through my Instagram reels!

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