A FREE masterclass to teach you how my clients make $10k - $100k per month without cold messaging


A FREE masterclass to teach you how my clients make $10k - $100k per month without cold messaging


✨I’ll be revealing the 5 S’s of the Sexy Sales System that have generated 7 FIGURES PLUS for myself AND for my clients!

✨You will discover how to attract soulmate clients who are ready to invest… WITHOUT cold dm-ing or cold calling!

✨The #1 strategy to actually ENJOY sales and overcome any fear or resistance, so you can stop leaving money on the table!

✨I’ll be sharing with you my top secrets to handling any “objection” so you can start helping more people!


Learn how to do all of this while DOUBLING your sales in HALF THE TIME, and coming from a place of true service and authenticity so you can create true time and money independence in your life!


The Sexy Sales System got my clients their first high-ticket clients and go from $0 to $10k-$100k months consistently!

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BONUS: I’ll be spilling all the tea and giving you lots of insights to my PRIVATE Sales Script that has generated over 7 FIGURES for me personally!

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🙌 You’re an ambitious female coach, consultant and service-provider with big dreams of making a huge impact with your business and changing lives all over the world with your gifts.

🙌 You know you are made for more (you KNOW you’re a 7 figure CEO at heart!!)


👉 Selling your offers feels difficult and forced, and you wish there was a more aligned way.

👉 Right now, you’re not sure how to consistently attract clients that desire to invest in themselves and into your services.

👉 You’re not having as much FUN with your business as you could because sales are capped and you feel exhausted trying to figure out the ‘how’ and the ‘why’.

🙏Start mastering the art of selling, by being more YOU.

🙏Start enrolling more premium clients so you can exceed your income and impact goals!

🙏Start having more fun with your business, and TRULY step into your NEXT LEVEL CEO self

My FREE Sexy Sales System Masterclass aims to make all of this possible for you, and so much more!

Goodbye cold dm-ing… HELLO soulmate clients!


I’m the Founder and CEO of The Confident Boss Academy™.

I’ve supported over 100+ Female Coaches and Service Entrepreneurs to grow and scale profitable businesses that they are fully passionate about!

Growing up in Berlin, Germany, my money mindset was shaped at a young age as my extremely hard-working mum and dad built themselves up from zero. They were so hard-working that growing up I associated success with burnout and suffering… and I also had to go through my dad passing on my tenth birthday.

I remember thinking, surely it doesn’t have to be like this?!

In my later years, I entered the corporate finance world in central London but I knew this wasn't my true passion. I was also massively underpaid, plus I was in an abusive relationship, due to my low self worth. And I was truly unhappy. It was at this stage, I decided it was time to start doing something I was passionate about and start living a life I LOVE.

I am now a Business Success Coach and I have managed to hit 7 figures by the age of 25! Plus, I’m helping my clients to hit 5, 6 and 7 figures too! Some of my clients make $100,000+ per month… I’ve helped women from all over the world, from completely different starting points, to design a business they love working in but also to enjoy mental freedom and financial rewards.